Project Description


Risk management manager

Working for a prominent multinational company, Costco Wholesale UK Ltd., I had the opportunity to choose the place where I wanted to grow professionally and to establish a Mexican home abroad. I decided to live in the United Kingdom, one of the most developed countries in the world, which has had outstanding and historical achievements and that also knows how to treasure the multiculturalism of its population.

With tenacity and effort, I have stood out at work and I am currently a Risk Management manager specialised in retail compliance. I have adapted to the English daily life, recognising its high values for coexistence. I have two precious daughters, who have integrated into the country’s educational system and I am very proud to know that they are among the top students in their classes. My wife is Mexican too, so together we exalt this at home and outside.

In some environments, I am known as “the Mexican”, the one who eats spicy food and knows how to rise as a leader. At home, we speak Spanish like Chilangos (those who are from Mexico City). Each 16th of September we make a reflective break and sing the Mexican National anthem.

Víctor Mayer