Project Description



I was born in the Czech Republic to a Mexican father and a Czech mother. I went to Mexico when I was one year old and grew up between Mexico City and Morelia, in the State of Michoacán. The search for new adventures and personal decisions brought me to London in 1999.

My integration in general was fast as I spent several years outside of Mexico before arriving in the UK. One of the things life has taught me is to not miss what you can’t have. This has helped me to grasp the existing opportunities that have been presented to me.

Before I left Mexico my father gave me some good advice. He told me “Don’t hang out only with Mexicans” in the sense of not losing sight of the importance of integrating to a new country. Otherwise, you can be left in the nostalgia of what you do not have. Also, you run the risk of not learning the language well, because you surround yourself with a circle of people similar to you, if we don’t expand our comfort zone, we can’t grow.

Some of my professional achievements have been: working at the BBC; collaborating in business development in Latin America; writing my book “10XProductive: 10 Days, 10 Actions, 10 Times More Productive”; working with tech entrepreneurs around the world; being in charge of TLA Latam; and more recently, co-founding Al.corns, a platform helping companies optimize their sales thanks to artificial intelligence technology and hyper-automation.

Mexico has always had an important place in my heart. I am proud to have grown up in magical Mexico.

Tamara Medina