Project Description



I am the daughter of a businessman from Querétaro. I started my professional life working at my father’s company as human resources manager. For six years, I worked with the staff requirements, skills, and training, which led me to psychology and personal development to improve the relationship with the company’s employees and solve professional or personal issues between them.

I had the opportunity to visit a friend who lived in London, a trip that initially was going to last six months and has become nineteen years. Travelling to a new continent, I needed a re-invention, and I decided to take the challenge to study Psychology to expand my professional life. Since 2001, I have been studying and updating myself as a psychologist and as an integral therapist. I work mainly in primary schools during the mornings, but I also work in middle schools, colleges, clinics, and I have private sessions during the afternoons. I have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the government in social assistance, adoption services, the NHS, the Department of Education and Development, among others.

I incorporate English speakers in my professional practice. Additionally, I provide a special place for Spanish speakers, where I treasure every Mexican comment. I voluntarily collaborate with the Consular Section of the Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom, assisting people who require psychological support.

Susana Esquivel de Ingham