Project Description



I moved permanently to London in early 2013, to study a second Master’s in media and communication at Regent’s University. I married a European citizen residing in London. We decided to stay permanently in London given the business opportunities this country offers.

My integration to the UK was actually very easy. Before moving to the UK, I lived in the United States, in Silicon Valley, for 18 years, so I already knew what living as an expat was like. My professional life began at a very young age in 1995, when I was studying my first master’s degree at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, where I had the great privilege of working as an assistant professor of the Entrepreneur Program and in the finance area. In the United States, I worked in several high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, such as Hewlett Packard. Also, I worked at Stanford University for many years, in the ​Graduate School of Business, and in the area of ​​Psychology at the School of Medicine, in projects focused on dementia and Alzheimer’s.

After moving to the United Kingdom, I noticed there was a business opportunity and I founded Ay Qué Chula (, a platform focused on promoting Mexican design. Later on, I founded La Tiendita ( and MexCandy ( dedicated to the import and distribution of Mexican products and sweets throughout Europe.

I will always carry Mexico in my heart. Thanks to what I do, every day I am in contact with Mexico, in some way or another. Throughout the years, I have participated in many events representing Mexico across Europe. During the Dual Year Mexico-UK in 2015, we had the great opportunity to talk about Mexico and represent it, through crafts and Mexican food. For me, it is always a great honour to represent my country, through its gastronomic and cultural diversity. Customers always ask me for details of the ingredients for cooking and their origin, and this is always a good excuse to talk more about the cultural richness of Mexico. My husband loves Mexico so much that he feels Mexican.

Sandra Vega Neri