Project Description



What motivated me to come to the UK was the willingness to experience change, learn new paths and face new challenges in a different society. Adaptation requires time and effort to belong and get to know the system. I think that the integration came after living here for more than five years studying, making friends, starting a family. You then begin to really feel at home, with a strong foundation that supports you.

For over ten years I have been working in the motorsports industry, specifically racing cars. I studied Engineering at the UNAM, and as an engineer, I have been able to learn what quality controls are like in this country and the way of working that characterizes British people. In this time, I have interacted with different people in the field and participated in the development of small racing cars with Italian, German and French companies. My work has been recognized by some personalities in the industry.

My other passion is photography, which after several years of studying and knocking many doors, has now become a career. I have managed to reach important stages, collaborating with news agencies in both Mexico and the United Kingdom. My professional career as a freelance photographer took a huge leap in 2012 when covering the Olympic Games and the Diamond Jubilee. During the Dual Year Mexico-UK in 2015, I photographed almost all the events, including the Glastonbury Festival, the Day of the Dead Festival, and the closing ceremony of the Mexican Embassy. In addition to publishing my work in different media, I collaborate with the news agency Notimex and with other newspapers for the Spanish-speaking communities in London. Furthermore, I have received several awards, including winning the Embassy’s Camaradas Competition at Espacio Gallery in 2018, and I have exhibited my work in various galleries and institutions.

I believe that being Mexican and Latin American in this country is very positive because we are perceived as cheerful and hard-working people. Mexico is always in our hearts, something that distinguishes us anywhere.

Roger Alarcón