Project Description



I came to the United Kingdom on assignment from American Express in July 2011. The job opportunity was great, and it has been a good platform for me to continue growing within the company.

The assimilation process in London has been relatively simple, it is a city in which there are many foreigners, either visitors or with permanent residence. The initial challenge for my family was adjusting to “live in English”, as opposed to just learning it as a subject at school. Nevertheless, the transition was smooth. Now, after ten years, London feels more like home every day.

Since moving to London, we speak Spanish at home. We have a group of Mexican friends with whom we keep in touch, and we go frequently to Mexico to visit family and friends. When we get nostalgic, we go to a Mexican restaurant or prepare something at home that makes us feel connected with Mexico, whether it is a snack with a tequila, or some conchas, or a salpicon, or chicken with mole.

Rafael Márquez