Project Description


Artistic Hairstylist

I was born in the serene Huasteca valleys, in the sovereign state of San Luis Potosí. I was baptized as Pablo Z García Cruz, my given name was chosen after the saint who is celebrated on the day I was born. As a citizen of the world, I settled in London in the spring of 2012, following the fate of thousands of travellers. I arrived in this city and brought with me a large number of experiences that I had accumulated from stays and trips in cities such as Paris, Parma, Belgrade, Atlanta, and New York. I was able to learn and maintain a continuous progression in my art starting from elements such as sight, hands, and my imagination, with which I have managed to transform a natural aesthetic as a hair sculptor, exalting the unique beauty of each individual.

After years of experience, I already had a long and fruitful compilation of haircut and color techniques that I acquired from a handful of mentors in high-end hairdressing. Lucky to be in London at its peak, I received the title of European Artistic Director from an Italian hairdressing brand as a result of my years collaborating with the company, which opened its first headquarters in Mayfair, a luxurious neighbourhood in London. Being a neighbour of the Mexican Embassy, I discovered the feeling of pride of being identified as Mexican, thanks to the friendship and support that I’ve received from many Embassy members who I consider friends, although so many have now left London.

As a pioneer, it is in London where I have reached a long list of personal and professional achievements. One of them was to be invited to Kensington Palace by the Duchess of Cambridge as her and the Middleton family’s hairdresser. That is how I shook hands with two of the next kings of England: The Duke and his progenitor. I have also been invited to present my haircut and colour techniques in various cities in Europe, America and the Middle East, as well as in several magazines, in which I have submitted my opinion on hairdressing topics, as being a benchmark in the beauty industry of many local and international personalities.

The love for Mexico is replicated from generation to generation in each of the people who identify as Mexicans. Regardless of where or how far they are, that “Mexicanness” or sense of being Mexican, will always be reflected when singing, almost shouting for joy at being Mexican — a feeling that cannot be erased, as the love for Mexico is transmitted, as the song says: “May they say that I’m asleep, and may they bring me back here, my beloved Mexico, should I die far from you.” These virtues of nationality, authenticity, and identity with my Huasteca land represent my artistic creativity as a hairdresser.

Pol García