Project Description



My husband received a scholarship to do his master’s degree at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I am a psychologist and before moving to the UK, worked as a recruitment and selection manager for senior executives in the human resources area of Multibanco Comermex. The bank gave me the opportunity to request a transfer to their London branch.

I had the advantage of having a job when I arrived in the UK, but I accepted a demotion from the manager position I had in Mexico to that of receptionist at the London branch, as there was no other position available and Mexico was going through a period of critical recession. The general manager of the branch was British and gave me the opportunity to learn the running of the branch. When my husband got accepted for his PhD, the manager supported me to develop a more strategic role with the main office and start new businesses. After five years, I became the Deputy General Manager of the branch, developing a line of business that did not previously exist. In 1996, the German bank WestLB offered me a position in their Latin America area, and for the next fifteen years I worked in the area of collateralized financing. In 2009, the Australian Macquarie Bank invited me to work in their London office. I currently hold the position of Senior Managing Director and I am a member of different internal committees; I participate in the executive mentoring programme and also volunteer advising young people from marginalised areas of South East London, which my institution supports.

In addition to maintaining professional relationships with Mexico through my work, we are in close contact with a circle of Mexican professionals who come to study in London, mainly in the fields of medicine and finance. Our families continue to live in Mexico, with the exception of my husband and daughters who were born here; we continue to feel Mexican and that is how our friends see us. We have integrated into British life and culture mainly thanks to tennis that both my husband and I play, and that we now enjoy with our daughters. This activity has allowed us to expand our professional and social circles.

Pilar Morales