Project Description



We are restaurateurs, and since we arrived, we have sought not only to serve Mexican food daily, but also to promote our culture in the most authentic possible way. We came to London as a family and started a business called ¡Sí señor!, a restaurant located in Soho, the predecessor of what is now the restaurant Mestizo.

In Mestizo we organize events that seek to offer our clients a complete cultural experience, not an easy task being so far from our country. But the constant work of sixteen years and the experience we have acquired allows us to do so. We have clients from many countries around the world, which together are a reflection of the multicultural society in the UK. At the same time, the Mexican community finds a home in Mestizo and they can enjoy a large number of events, such as gastronomic festivals inspired by different states of the country, the celebration of our national Independence Day in September, the Day of the Dead, Children’s Day, posadas in December, and buy roscas de Reyes.

The Mestizo Mexican Market, located next to the restaurant, was opened five years ago. There we sell an important variety of Mexican crafts and textiles from different states, utensils, and Mexican ingredients to cook the dishes that are served at the restaurant, which wonderfully complements the Mexican experience that Mestizo seeks to share when opening its doors every day. We also have an online store with home delivery.

Our customer service and teamwork have allowed us to position ourselves in London. We have seen the opening of other Mexican businesses, which gives us great joy, because that way we grow as a community, but unfortunately not all of them manage to survive.

Every day Mexico is present in our lives, and we seek to spread the language, its great cultural diversity, and we promote the country as a tourist destination when our clients ask us, by recommending places and the best seasons to visit them.

In our restaurant we employ Mexicans, usually students. There are already several generations of employees and former employees who have found in Mestizo a place where they feel protected and make the experience of being separated from their families more bearable. We take great pride in that. Our children, who were born in Europe, speak Spanish perfectly. They know their country and love it just like we do, and they are proud to have grown up in Mestizo. Now that we have a granddaughter, we are sure that in the future she will also value her Mexican roots.

Marysol Sánchez y Roberto Alvarado