Project Description


Research Engineer

The reason I migrated to the UK was due to my PhD studies, since the global research centre for laser technologies and optical fibre is located in Southampton. Originally, the plan was to stay for a year as an academic visitor during my PhD in Mexico. However, I applied to do my entire PhD in the UK and was accepted for the full programme. Later on, my wife also did her PhD studies and we are both currently living and working in the UK.

Upon arrival in the UK, I attended a Mexican community event that allowed me to answer most of my initial queries about living in the UK. My work environment is highly multicultural and has facilitated my integration to British culture and introduced me to many others. Fortunately, I have found numerous opportunities that have helped me achieve multiple awards and distinctions from my contributions and performance as a researcher. I have more than 20 years’ experience in optoelectronics and manufacturing processes.

In my efforts to maintain links with my country, I am constantly looking for collaboration opportunities with Mexican institutions. In addition, I sponsor and actively promote academic visits for Mexican postgraduate students so they can benefit from an international experience. As a Mexican, I am very proud of my origins and I endeavour to keep alive the traditions that identify us, in spite of the distance.