Project Description



I always had in mind the project of one day living in Europe. I was motivated by the challenge of a new life in a country as different from Mexico as the United Kingdom. Although I was already well established in Mexico, in 1994 I closed my company and ventured to come to London.
At first it was not easy to integrate, but I am a very social person and I quickly adapted, made connections, and took advantage of all the benefits that life in this great city offers.

I worked at the Mexican Embassy assisting in the cultural area. Later, I became Director of Promotion for Eurocermex (Grupo Modelo Europa), and I was living between Brussels and London. At the same time, I led as volunteer president the British Mexican Society (BMS), a British-Mexican charitable foundation. I currently have an antique and contemporary shop in London’s Notting Hill Gate. I think my greatest achievement is to have managed to settle here, and to form a new life in this country.

My closest friends in London are Mexican, and I try to travel to Mexico to visit my family at least every two years. In addition, during the seven years that I directed the BMS, I had the opportunity to promote the cultural richness of Mexico in the United Kingdom, working in close contact with the Mexican Ambassador, the team at the Embassy and Mexican institutions both in the United Kingdom and in Mexico.

Manuel Velázquez