Project Description

Lourdes Heredia


After finishing university in Japan, I moved to Madrid where I studied a Master’s degree in law while working at Reuters. In 1996 an opportunity opened up in the pictures department at Reuters London and that’s how I decided to move to this city. My dream of working at the BBC came true a year later when I became a producer at BBC Mundo, the Spanish language service. In 1999 I became the correspondent for Buenos Aires and lived in Argentina at crucial moments for that country. After Argentina, the BBC sent me as a correspondent for BBC Mundo in Washington DC. I had the opportunity to cover the elections when Obama was elected as the first black president of that country and in 2009 I returned to headquarters in London. Already settled in this country, I had two girls and now I continue to live here together with my husband who is English.

The integration to life in the UK was easy. At that time London was a city full of opportunities. After living in other parts of the world, I immediately felt at home here. Being Mexican also opened many doors for me, professionally and also in my personal life. Over the years I have faced different challenges, but at all times I felt welcomed. The joy and the Mexican way to confront difficult situations in life is something English people admire. I think that London is the perfect place for a hard working woman to achieve anything she dreams of.

Despite living more years abroad than in Mexico, I am proudly Mexican. My daughters do not hesitate to show off their Mexican side and as a family we take every opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture. At the girls’ school I have been invited to give classes on the history and geography of Mexico. I have also organized several “Mexican nights” to raise money for the school with great success. There is nothing better than Mexican food, and the hospitality and joy of my country.

Lourdes Heredia