Project Description


Digital designer

My husband, who is British, and the desire to develop my professional projects in the English-speaking world were my main motivations for moving here. My first job in London was at an English digital agency in Soho. During my free time, I liked to teach individual Spanish classes. Through them, I met people from whom I learned on a daily basis, not only about the UK and the industries they worked in, but also by practicing my English and socializing while we studied topics related to Mexico. This is how I developed my first teaching materials. Over the years, as the world of technology and education merged, I dedicated all my time to teaching and designed digital versions of educational materials that were interesting for both the British and the Mexican community living abroad. The collection is called E-learning Snacks© and supports the educational activities of Mexican consulates and embassies around the world. Currently I design digital educational solutions for multinationals, government institutions, and other organizations. My experience working in technology and the creative industries, as well as my interest in culture and education have been key to my integration in the UK.

Mexico is part of my daily life: when I call my mother and brothers after work, when I speak with an accent on purpose because I don’t want to lose it, when I prefer to eat with my hands rather than with cutlery, when I say that I am Mexican without any nobody asking me, when I can recognize a Mexican in a crowd and from a distance, when I put aside the label and speak with familiarity with people I do not know.

I am proud to be Mexican. I am proud of my culture, my history, my country. I like to break stereotypes by telling and showing everyone that Mexicans are hard-working and that we never give up, that we do not get tired and always look for ways to get ahead.

Laura Estrella