Project Description



What brought me to London was the restaurant industry. I made a business plan to open an authentic Mexican restaurant in the UK. The original plan was to set up one in every capital city of Europe; however after opening London and Madrid, I decided to make a career change and now I import and distribute Mexican food and drinks. When I was working on restaurants I realised there was a business opportunity given the difficulty in finding Mexican ingredients.

I have dedicated myself to promoting Mexican food, and therefore its culture, in both the UK and in Europe through Mexgrocer, the company that I founded. We import over 2,500 tons of food and drink every year, focusing only on products with added value. In general, we try to make business directly with producers, avoiding whenever possible middlemen. On March 1st 2021, we opened our new distribution center in The Netherlands.

It has been a privilege to represent Mexican culture and cuisine in Europe. We have witnessed a change in perception in recent years, with leading chefs cooking our dishes and celebrating the great complexity of our cuisine and its healthiest foods. My favorite dish without a doubt is mole. I am very proud of our roots and of having such a wide and diverse gastronomy. Sharing it with the world is truly the best experience of my life.

Katya Torres