Project Description


Academic and Researcher

Upon graduating from Medical school in Mexico, I wanted to do a postgraduate degree in research. I looked for Master’s programmes around the world and finally decided to apply to an MSc in Psychiatric Research at King’s College London. I obtained a couple of scholarships including the one given by CONACYT to Mexican students wishing to study abroad, which allowed me to come to the UK with full economic support.

After completing my MSc with distinction, I was awarded another scholarship to undertake my PhD analysing depression and anxiety in coronary heart disease. For my thesis I won the “Young Investigator of the Year” award given by the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM) and Elsevier in 2017. Because of this, I gave a lecture in Barcelona in 2017. I currently work doing clinical research around online interventions for depression and anxiety, for which I publish and present at international conferences continually. I am clinical researcher for SilverCloud Health, as well as a member of the e-mental health research group at Trinity College Dublin.
My partner and I always keep Mexico close to our hearts. We love showing the richness of Mexican culture to our friends, and feel proud and grateful to have been born there. We recently had our first child and look forward to telling him about Mexico and showing it to him as he grows older.

Jorge Palacios