Project Description


Radio presenter and dancer

I came to London in 1987. My mother was dating a Scottish man who needed to return to the UK for work, and we came with him. I started studying Secondary School without knowing English, nor the education system. Since my language skills weren’t sufficient to present qualifying exams, I decided to work in restaurants since I was 16 years old. Through my work, I had the opportunity to meet people from other Latin countries and organised festivals and events with them. I created a group in social media called “Mexicans in London” to gather the Mexican community living in London and also created a Mexican Folkloric dance group called Mestizo to represent my country in events.

Mexico is part of my life in every possible way. I practice its folkloric dance to promote the best of my country in cultural events. As the host in the radio program “Hecho en México”, I introduce Mexican personalities and Mexican tourist destinations. At home, I always cook Mexican food. I am very proud to be Mexican and always take the opportunity to express the best of my country to show that there is much more than bad news in Mexico.

Hortensia Celis