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Hayaux du Tilly Family

Lawyer, educator and students

Yves is a lawyer and María specialises in education. José Pablo studied philosophy and theology at Cardiff University; María José is studying philosophy and English literature at Bristol University; Gerónimo and Carlota are students at The Harrodian School in Barnes. We were all born in Mexico City and now we live in southwest London.

We arrived in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2010. Yves came to open a branch of the law firm Nader, Hayaux & Goebel (NHG), where he is Partner, and which is still the only Mexican law firm with an office in London. We emigrated to London to diversify and expand markets; search for new opportunities and grow professionally, as well as in our personal and family life. We are making the most of the opportunity of educating our children in a multicultural society that recognizes and promotes tolerance, respect, freedom, responsibility, honesty, compliance, and diversity.

Integrating to life in the UK came about naturally. Work-wise we had a lot to do – establishing an office in the heart of the financial district in the City of London allowed us to have links with new clients and other law firms. In regards to our family life, with four children, the immersion was instant thanks to the children’s schools, their classmates and other families who very quickly welcomed and took us in. Studying in British schools gave us the opportunity to become part of the community and the dynamic multicultural Southwest London. This also helped us start new friendships which we keep to this day.

As well as directing the NHG office in London, Yves also promotes businesses and investments between the United Kingdom and Mexico and Latin America. In 2011, Yves founded the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain (MexCC), the first Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Europe, of which he is Honorary Chairman; as well as the Latin American Forum. Currently, as well as representing Mexican enterprises with their businesses in the United Kingdom and Europe, and British and European enterprises with their businesses in México, Yves continues to actively promote commerce and investments between Mexico and the United Kingdom.

We speak Spanish at home and also feel Mexican with the food we prepare, the music we listen to and the traditions we hold on to, such as the Day of the Dead, posadas (Christmas celebrations), welcome the Reyes Magos (Three Wisemen) on January 6; celebrate María on Mexican Mother’s Day on May 10; stay up until late to watch the Mexican Football Team PUMAS playing; chanting and crying with the Mexican National Football Team; drinking and introducing friends to tequila and mezcal, Ancho Reyes (a type of chili liquor), and wines from Valle de Guadalupe y Parras; traveling to Mexico for holidays; receiving friends and family; actively participating in activities with the Mexican community and the MexCC in London.

As Mexicans in London we feel very proud, welcome, fortunate, free, motivated, committed, engaged, competitive, qualified, appreciated, enthusiastic and responsible for giving our best.

Familia Hayaux du Tilly