Project Description



I arrived in 1974 when my husband, who is British, was transferred from his job in Mexico City to London. In Mexico, I was a dancer at the Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández. Ian is a visual consultant and educational development specialist.

At the beginning I integrated through my children’s school and by participating in cultural events and activities. Together with my husband I dedicated myself to presenting Mexican history and culture in schools in the UK. We created an educational tool called Mexicolore (Mexico – the Lore of the Land). Since 1980, we have used music, dance, drama, folk costumes, crafts, and audio-visual media to recreate the history of Mexico and make it a living culture for more than 220,000 British children.

My husband and I have worked as a team for over forty years, collaborating with institutions such as the Museum of Mankind, The British Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, World Museum in Liverpool, and the BBC. We have visited over two thousand primary schools across the UK. Mexicolore offers educational services focused on Mexico, especially on Aztec and Mayan cultures. We have developed group guided tours in museums and institutions, interactive videoconferences, and a whole range of educational resources. My house is very Mexican, my work is about Mexico, and I will never lose my roots.

Graciela Sánchez y Ian Mursell