Project Description



I arrived in the summer of 2003 for holidays and stayed! I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Mexican Embassy for four months and during that time I fell in love with this magical city. In addition, that summer I met very interesting people with whom I established friendships that remain until now. London is a very special city but very complicated at the same time. Either you love it or hate it, and luckily the former happened to me.

After my experience at the Embassy, I had the opportunity to work for Grupo Modelo in their marketing, sales and promotion department, from 2004 to 2012. During that time, I managed to position Corona as the number one imported beer in the UK, selling more than five million boxes. Afterwards, I worked for a British company, where I was the brand manager responsible for all the spirits that we imported. At that time, I imported the first artisanal mezcals in the UK, and have since been promoting and creating the category of artisanal mezcal and 100% tequila here. In 2015, I founded Tequila & Mezcal Fest, the first festival dedicated exclusively to promoting and educating the consumer and the industry about tequila and mezcal. We also offer authentic food, arts, music, folklore, and more. Currently I have partnered with MexGrocer, developing the food service area and growing our presence in Europe with franchises in strategic countries such as Sweden, Portugal, and Germany. We are importing more than five hundred products directly from Mexican producers, supporting small and medium Mexican companies.

Mexico is present in my everyday life, that’s the best thing about my job. One day I told myself that my dream would be to have the best of both countries in a perfect balance, and I have achieved this by importing the best products from Mexico and promoting my country every day in a fair, respectful, and contemporary way. Without cactuses or ponchos as our marketing images, without stereotypes, Mexico and Mexicans offer much more than that.

Eduardo Gómez