Project Description

David Martínez


I have always been attracted to British culture, its music, cinema, royal family, and its cultural richness in general. The UK is a fascinating country that never fails to inspire you. I decided to come to study my Master’s in film in 2010, and it soon became my new home away from home.

I currently work as a Producer for the Raindance Film Festival in London, but it took a lot of effort and years of dedication. I remember thinking that I just needed someone to open the doors for me to prove my worth. Once the doors opened for me and I began to develop my professional career, it all came naturally. At first it was not easy, but the taste of achieving something that takes great effort brings you a lot of satisfaction.

One becomes more Mexican when being abroad. There are many things that we take for granted while we live in Mexico, but once we are out of the country, we realize all that we miss. We then begin to develop a sense of belonging in every Mexican dish, in every song we listen to, in every movie we watch. Your “Mexicanness” or sense of being Mexican, becomes greater and that fills you with pride.

David Martínez