Project Description



I am originally from Querétaro, the eldest sister of a family of four. I came to the UK to study my master’s degree in International Relations at The University of Nottingham. I obtained the Chevening, Brockman and ALBAN scholarships. By day, I am a business consultant for Fortune 100 companies and by night a social entrepreneur. I specialize in the application and development of artificial intelligence for business decision making and soft diplomacy with a focus on qualified diaspora, especially women abroad. I am proud to have co-founded the Chevening Alumni Alliance (representing UKFCO Senior Scholarship recipients), BritMex and the Mx UK Global Network. Recently, I have founded WOMADS with the goal of accelerating the success and adaptation of migrant women abroad (

My global work, coupled with my involvement with the diaspora and the fact that I have raised a family in the UK — my husband is British and my daughter is Mexican-British — have kept me in London. My experience of living not only in London but also in other countries including the Netherlands and the United States, has led me to the conclusion that, although the definition of “country” or “nation” must incorporate a specific territory, nations do not have any transcendence without its inhabitants. Individuals are the essence that keeps a country alive and therefore they are the country. I am Mexico, you are Mexico. We do not integrate it into our lives, we simply “are” Mexico and we have various ways of living it and expressing it.

Cynthia Vega