Project Description



I initially came to London to study for a master’s degree at Imperial College in 1993. When I finished, I returned to Mexico, worked in academia until 2001, and then returned to pursue a PhD at the University of Warwick. Upon completion of my PhD, I obtained a post-doctoral research position at the University of Sheffield. Since 2013 I have been a university professor at City University, part of University of London, in the Department of Computer Science. Also, I am an affiliated member of the giCentre, a team of academicians and researchers specialized in the development and application of new techniques to visualize data.

The UK is a country of easy integration, aside from the rain and driving on the left. As a Mexican, I have never had a problem or a door closed on me. I have dedicated all my life to academia, as a student, researcher, and professor in engineering and computing areas. As an academician, I am proud of the students completing their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as of the articles that we have published together.

My main aim is trying to illuminate the causes of human diseases, especially cancer, and the inflammatory or infectious processes related to these diseases. To do this, I apply a variety of techniques, from image processing to visualization to artificial intelligence, to extract valuable information from clinical experiments and medical and biology databases. By analysing images, videos or databases (such as PubMed, where thousands of clinical trials and studies are concentrated) I hope to find new ways to cure and prevent diseases or improve treatments.

Mexico is always present in my life, through food, music, literature, and language.

Constantino Carlos Reyes