Project Description


Pastry chef

I had always been curious about knowing other countries. After finishing my university degree, I worked as a primary school teacher in Mexico City. At the end of 2010, my husband accepted a job offer in London. We decided to apply for an initial period of two years. It was easy for me to make the decision, because of my interest in living abroad.

My adaptation was difficult at first, everything was new. I struggled the first few months to adapt to the new language and the weather. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to meet many people, some in the Mexican community. This helped me in the adaptation process and at the same time to preserve my identity as Mexican. In the first months, I worked at Mestizo restaurant, later as a Spanish tutor and teacher for bilingual children.

My main professional achievement began in 2014 when I decided to start a Mexican bakery business called Sweet Nibble. I started it in order to bring more people in the UK closer to the traditional Mexican breads and pastries that I had learned to make in my spare time. We were the first bakery with online sales and home delivery services in the whole of the UK since 2015. In recent years, we have positioned our products not only with the Mexican community, but also as the preference of many regular customers in more than thirty-five cities across the country.

I embrace Mexico and our traditions on a day-to-day basis with my work and Mexican products. I am also proud to represent a country with such richness and cultural variety. I am pleased to know that there are other successful Mexicans in the country and I hope to contribute and inspire with my work those who are starting, as well as to continue with my personal and professional development.

Araceli Maldonado