Project Description



I had been living in Paris for ten years, when I came to London to take part in an artist residency called the Delfina Studio Trust, where I was offered a studio to work and place to live for three months in a very dynamic context, together with several well-known artists from the Young British Artist movement. After this residency, I studied at the Visual Arts Department at Goldsmiths University for a year at postgraduate level. These two experiences allowed me to meet several interesting people in my professional environment, and to forge good and lasting friendships with artists from various countries established here. At the same time, my husband was offered a position in London managing a branch of a French company in the UK, which was a lucky coincidence. After my studies at Goldsmiths, we decided not to return to Paris immediately and opted to extend our stay here.

Our son was born here a year later, which made us feel like we had put down significant roots in this country. We developed friendships beyond our professional milieu, with other families. Later, I studied a master’s degree in painting at the Royal College of Art and began to work as a professor at various universities around the country.

Professionally, the city has provided us with many opportunities. I have been able to exhibit in various galleries and institutions, and my work has been the subject of several articles in the British press.

I have several Mexican friends here and I really like meeting with them; it is something that I greatly value. I also have friends from other parts of the vast American continent, which is very stimulating, because one also learns what defines Mexico within that context. Thanks to my husband’s nationality, we also have strong ties with the French community in London, which is quite large. Some of our Mexican friends are also part of that community. What I like about London is precisely the multiculturalism and the freedom that one feels to fully live those multiple cultural identities. After twenty years here, London still appears to us as a place that one can never finish to know and discover!

Alicia Paz