Project Description



After graduating from the Navy in 1989, I specialized in Shipping Business Administration in 1999. I worked for approximately fifteen years on board merchant ships, and also in education and other business related to the naval sector.

I decided to apply to different positions at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations specialized agency in charge of international regulation for maritime transport, based in London. After many attempts and patience, I was recruited in 2003. Currently I am Head of the Cargo Department. In particular, I work on matters related to the maritime transport of dangerous goods in containers and solid bulk goods.

The main driver that led me to emigrate from Mexico is a combination of factors, including the search for job opportunities, and my great desire to improve professionally and personally. The integration process to the United Kingdom was not difficult for me, since I came to work for an organization that is constituted of personnel from countless countries, cultures and races, who have also experienced their arrival and integration in this country.

Mexico is part of my life every day, and to maintain that connection, I try to transmit to my son born in London the diverse culture and traditions, the language, the food, and above all, fostering contact with my Mexican family.

Alfredo Parroquin-Ohlson