Project Description



I have a degree in Tourism, and when I finished my studies, I moved to Playa del Carmen, in Quintana Roo. There I worked for four years in the hotel industry, doing a bit of everything in resorts and hotels, from entertainer to receptionist. That is where I met my now-husband, Chris Black. Some time later we moved to England, where we have lived for twelve years.

Mestizo Restaurant was key to my integration to life in the UK. One day in my desperation to find Mexican food and products, I started searching on the internet and I found Mestizo, in my opinion the most important Mexican restaurant in London. Then I found out that there was a Mexican community, and I got in touch with the MexCC (Mexican Chamber of Commerce). They gave me the opportunity to volunteer, help organise and attend events, and provide assistance to members. They motivated me a lot to create my own company.

I started giving tours of the city to family and friends who came to visit from Mexico. Thanks to their recommendations, I eventually decided to launch my own tour company with the help of the MexCC. With Love Londres I assist people in planning personalized itineraries and organizing their own trip to London, the UK and the rest of Europe. Through my tours I aim to show travellers the wonderful places that I know in London –places that tourists would normally not reach by themselves and that only Londoners know about. I have had hundreds of satisfied customers, telling me their trip would not have been so great if they had planned it themselves.

It’s been sixteen years of experience in tourism, between Mexico City, London, and Playa del Carmen. During these years of touring -regardless of the weather- we have had travellers of all kinds, from young people, couples on their honeymoon, families, student groups, music bands (such as Nortec), to AAA wrestlers. My purpose is to show each and every traveller, regardless of their age and language, that with Love Londres they will have an unforgettable vacation.